Think Big

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I’ve been thinking about stress management and what are the ways I lower my stress. Here’s my list of the top 7 important ones. The list will change. Everything changes and being open and accepting it makes it easy to adapt when need be and it lowers stress.

Here’s my Top 7 Priorities:

1. Eat healthy! Because it makes me feel better and have more energy. Moderation is important as well as not being deprived. When I eat well, I live well and feel well. For me it starts with eating healthy. I don’t have aches and pains because of the food I eat either physically or mentally. This allows me to have the capacity for more love for myself and others.

2: Stress management! I take time to journal everyday in the morning and at night.  In the morning I write 5 gratitude, 5 affirmations, a letter to my future self and a letter from my future self to me.  I allow about 1/2 hour to do this.  At night, I journal again anything that bothered me during the day and what I accomplished. The evening writing takes about 15 minutes.  With the mental chatter on paper and out of my head, I can fall asleep much easier and stay asleep.  Insomnia comes in 2 forms, falling a sleep and staying a sleep.  Journaling helps with both of these.  It’s important to quiet the monkey mind.  The brain switches gears and does the job of sleeping, dreaming healing the body. Also, the negative voices become positive voices and I am able to see another solution to the problem.

3: Working out / Moving More! It doesn’t matter so much what I do as long as I do it. I’ve also learned that it takes about 15 minutes for the body to get warmed up and added blood circulation makes me feel better I want to be happy. The release of endorphins makes me happy. For me that’s the name of the game. Plus a lot of what I do in the form of exercise feels like playing. I have a playful spirit. I always want to go out and play. If you want to make a play date to go for a walk, ride a bike, go for a run, go out dancing, play running bases, I’m your girl.

4: Family! I love mine and enjoy spending time with them. My parents taught us to go out of your way for family and friends and to have a generous spirit.

5: Seeing More Possibilities (SMP)! Because I take good care of myself, I am able to be fully present for my business, family and friends.  It takes a lot of work, energy, faith and networking to start a new business. But it’s been my dream to work for myself as a life coach. I believe in living our dreams and I am excited to share this one with you. 

6: Friends! It was hard not include friends with family since most of my friends are like family. I separated it out because I’ve had to learn that SMP comes before socializing with my friends. It’s been fun working part time and having the freedom to play during the day, but my focus has shifted.

7: Chores! It has always been last on my list. There’s always time to do the laundry, clean the bathroom, go grocery shopping.

Think Big By: Jim Rennert
Think Big
By: Jim Rennert

The beauty of knowing where I stand with my priorities is that it keeps my life in balance. It helps me to practice self-love and kindness. Those 2 attributes help me to be happy, grounded and available for my family, friends, clients.  I also get to Think Big.

I challenge you to write out a list of your top priorities and why. I wonder what you’ll learn about yourself.  Please feel free to share them with me in the comments section.


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