Shape Diva Dash 2014

Diva Dash Girls
Diva Dash Girls

OMG, rain on the morning of the Diva Dash! For those that don’t know me my standard comment about rain and running is Not. Some people love running in the rain, I’d rather roll over and go back to sleep. I can always run later or at the gym. Do YOU want to get up and go out in the rain and cold and get soaked… Sure, in 90 degree weather it’s refreshing. On a chilly fall morning ~ not this Diva. Since I was part of a group, I had to show up. This is one of the times that having running buddies to race with motivated me to show up and keep my commitment. I wouldn’t disappointment them or myself.

Rainy Running Outfit: It’s important to remember that most runners body temperature goes up about 20 degrees, once the body has warmed up. There is an element of trial and error for one’s individual needs. I don’t like getting wet and sometimes I run with my glasses instead of contacts. On this morning I was wearing my glasses.

Special Clothes for this race:

Cap to protect my glasses from the rain drops and keep my head warm. Long sleeve wicking shirt under my T-shirt for warmth and a dry wicking layer against my body. Waterproof jacket to protect against wind and rain. I can always tie it around my waist when I get warm. Some folks don’t like things around their waist when they run. I don’t mind. It’s a personal choice.

By the time we got to Tuxedo Park, the rain was down to a mist. To say I was happy about this was an understatement. We never got soaking wet.

Tuxedo FoliageThis is the 2nd year that I am participating in the race. It’s so much fun. The course was a little harder, but remember we are strong divas. Each obstacle had 2 choices, advance and beginner level. One obstacle that I saw my balance and fear improve was walking over the seesaw. The athlete needs to walk over a plank like the seesaws we played on as a child. One side is up and the other is down. I have a fear of falling from being a teenage. Long story short, is that I slipped and fell doing a cartwheel and broke my front teeth. The fear show’s up every so often, but I push myself through it. This year on the seesaw, I didn’t use a spotter to help me on the decline. There were a few different kind of rope obstacle you have to climb over or across. One was an angled rope ladder up and a fire poll slide down. It was a challenge to be in the in-between-space of the rope and poll. I had to trust I wouldn’t fall.

The fall foliage was beautiful. The trees were almost peeking. The mist added a sense of softness to the colors. I’m so grateful that I didn’t roll over and go back to sleep. I would have missed all the fun, the feeling of accomplishment and physical strength.