Finding Your Own Way

Consistency is necessary in order to make improvement, to see growth and make long term change possible. Clients commit to 3 months of coaching sessions.

In order to keep achieving one’s goals clients continue their coaching relationship for years. The possibilities for an amazing life is endless, together we will See More Possibilities.

Hawaii Rainbow 2013The Coaching Package Includes:

  • Nine 45-minute phone sessions over three consecutive months.
  • A Client Preparation Form to complete before we begin — this will be the springboard for our session, unless something urgent comes up that you would prefer being coached on.
  • Unique activities and assignments that come out of our sessions. Accountability is designed to keep you motivated and take actions steps (I call it home play) to achieve your special goals.
  • Monthly check-ins to make sure we’re on track.
  • Sessions will conclude with an email from me recapping insights you noticed and action steps / home play that you agreed to take,
  • Supporting you and keeping you accountable.

During our time together you will notice that your aptitude to trust your intuition is sharpened.  You will be able to do things that felt hard and scary before.  They may still feel hard and scary, but you will have the confidence to achieve these goals anyway.

I invite you to schedule a complementary session. This is a gift you give to yourself.