About Shari

I chose to become a life coach after going through several personal crises and discovering that I overcame them by tapping into inner resources, keeping my eye on my dreams, and surrounding myself with supportive friends and family. I am now determined to use those experiences to help others find their authentic selves and live their lives to the fullest. After a decade of helping people to achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals, I became a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and now use my passion and motivational skills in to help clients in every area of life.

Portrait by Terry Berenson
Portrait by Terry Berenson

My coaching philosophy is based on the belief that you already have the answers you need to achieve your life goals; they are just hidden by limiting beliefs and fear of change. I offer a non-judgmental, supportive environment, asking intuitive questions that allow you to find solutions that fit your unique personality and lifestyle. And, because people accomplish more when they are accountable to someone they trust, we will set up systems to become accountable for actions that lead to change.

Importantly, I believe that age is not a factor in achieving success. I accomplished many of my goals after the age of 40: Marriage, running a marathon, furthering my education, and changing careers. These achievements required perseverance, dedication and a willingness to get out of my comfort zone. I never gave up on my dreams – on Seeing More Possibilities – and I strive to help my clients realize their own.

Whatever your dreams, goals and heart’s desires, I can help empower you to find the success you seek. To find out more, click here to contact me.