I love to Run

sneakersWhy do I love to running? All I need is a good pair of sneakers and off I can go regardless of where I am. The sport makes me feel alive.

When one does something she/he loves it makes them feel empowered. When we feel empowered we can overcome obstacles. When I am training for a race be it a 10K, ½ marathon or marathon, I have to respect the training. By respecting the training, I’ve learned how to create other disciplines in my life that weren’t there before an example is keeping a food journal. How often would I start and stop keeping a food journal, 100 times… As a runner there is no stopping. The question becomes when am I going out for my next run. Even if I haven’t run for a while the next run is always on my mind and before l know it I have my sneakers on.

endorphins and that helps us manage stress. More importantly, when life felt as if it was spinning out of control running was something I could control. I didn’t have time for an hour long run, but 20 minutes, 15 minutes, and even a 10 minute run gave me a positive sense of control in my life. It cleared my thoughts. The length of the run wasn’t important it was the act of running, lifting 1 leg and then the other, one step at a time. The shortest runs provided amazing benefits. I could cry or be angry on a run. It created space for my feelings that I had repressed. As a runner it provided the emotional release I so desperately needed in order to function as a care taker, a wife, a sister, a friend and still have a piece of Shari (me).

I love to run because I can. What is it you love to do? Do it!

A Combination for Success

“Some peruse happiness ~ others create it.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I haven’t been running. It’s hard to believe since I love it so. What’s stopping me? Well, I have had several dental surgeries that have prevented me from running.  The impact is painful and the jaw bone needs to heal. Since the mojo hasn’t been flowing in the direction of running, I’ve been swimming instead. Its low impact and is giving my body a chance to heal from surgeries and use my muscles in a new way.

The water has always been a favorite place for me since I was a little girl. When I was a child, we always went to the beach or the town pool. We would play in the water for hours. Do you remember Marco Polo? It was so much fun. We also used to go water skiing. I grew up across the street from the water canals, of the Jones Beach inlet, in Bellmore, LI. My brother’s friends had boats and somehow or another my dad and I tagged along and went water skiing. Afterwards, we would go clamming in the flats and come home and have clams on the half shell. Wow, I hadn’t thought about that in years. Happy times!!

Anyway, I started taking swimming lessons, this spring, to learn the proper swim stroke techniques and how to breathe correctly. It’s been fabulous getting in the pool. The thing that I find so wonderful about swimming is that it has the component of play to it and it’s a whole body workout. You need to use your legs & gluts for kicking, makes the butt nice and round. From using my arms and shoulders, my upper body feels more open and expansive when I finish. It feels like I have more room to breathe. Let’s not forget that the core is also being used. Anyway I can get a core workout without doing sit ups is right up my alley.

I’m a little concerned about the chlorine changing my hair color since I get highlights. In order to protect my hair, I make a blend of olive and coconut oil. I put it on my hair before I put on my bathing cap. It’s a little barrier against the chlorine. My theory is that oil and water don’t mix and both oils are good for your hair.

My favorite time and place to swim is after a run when we go to the beach. My body cools down and the salt soothes my muscles. Summer is coming and we’ll be heading to the Jersey Shore. I’m also hoping to visit family in Florida as well. The swimming is much better in blue waters of the Southern Atlantic Ocean. The temperature is just right for running into the ocean. The Northern Atlantic Ocean, takes a bit of getting used to before I can take the plunge.

At the end of my weekly swim, I feel stronger and happier. Those feelings are a combination for a success.

Sunrise Over Melbourne Beach, Fl
Sunrise Over Melbourne Beach, Fl