Get Slim In The Kitchen

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Date December 21, 2017
Time All Day

Get Slim In the Kitchen

This program is perfect for the person who is struggling with health related issues, yoyo dieting or stuff heir face instead of facing their stuff.  You will learn techniques to bullet proof your kitchen while discovering and implementing practical solutions to suit your lifestyle that will drive success.  This is a do it together program.

Your Program Includes:

12 Modules facilitated by Shari Perlman, CPC

  • Discovery session learning about your eating persona
  • 1 Session organizing your kitchen
  • 1 Session savvy shopping
  • 1 Session cooking 1 meal & snack
  • Grab and go with confidence to make healthy choices
  • All sessions building practical & mental skills
  • Weekly handouts to prepare for our sessions

End of Session Skill Set:

  • Learn and develop new skills
  • Design a unique plan to fit your needs for the week
  • SMART Goal: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable & Timely
  • Create Accountability

In Between Sessions:

  • Brief email for questions
  • Receive following weeks handout

End of Program Results (Results are contingent upon client’s actions):

  • Improve your healthier
  • Strategies to handle difficult eating situations such as socializing, birthdays and holidays
  • Lose weight

It’s time to win the war on ice cream.  Let’s talk about how you can Get Thin In The Kitchen.

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